Why I Started Blogging


Hello! I hope all is well.

Let’s jump right into this post. I wanted to start a blog to have extra income. My plan is to go back to school and pay for my masters degree out of pocket. That would be the dream to only worry about undergraduate student loans. I also want to really start a savings account that I can set money aside in and NOT touch.

I do work a full time job and I dont ever plan on leaving my “9-5” if I am happy there. Ideally, Id like to work a full time job, or even part time, and still have extra income blogging.

Another reason on why I wanted to start blogging was to help those on their mental and phsyical health journey. Ive made so much progress from this time last year (April 2017) until now and I couldnt have done it without the support of my family, friends, psychiatrist, personal trianer and therapist. These people are extremely important to me and I dont know where I’d be without them.

I want to be able to alleviate some of your woes with my content. I’ve struggled mentally and phsyically and I want to be there to help and support others just like how I’ve had support.

Does it feel like I on a tangent. Any who, the general idea of this blog is to supplement income and help others in any way I can.


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